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I'm pleased to announce that Metaphor Writing Coach has been transformed into Watermark Writing Company. Joining me are two fabulous editors, Brandy Bowen, and Amberly Baker.   

Brandy specializes in developmental editing.  
Amberly's expertise is copy editing.
I will continue coaching writers. 

Our services are available for fiction, biography, narrative nonfiction, and creative essays.

To begin the initial consultation process, contact
[email protected]

Once we go over the consultation agreement, you can submit a 40-page sample of your manuscript for an initial assessment.

We will guide you to the services best suited to your project.
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Twenty-five years of writing and publishing experience. Marketing director of a publishing company for five years. Author of novels, nonfiction books, textbooks, travel articles, plays, essays, and poems.
Writing teacher for ten years.

Visit me at https://kathleenkaska.com/  to read my blog, Growing Up Catholic in a Small Texas Town.

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